Hardly any other format has surprised the television landscape in recent years as much as the program without a name, conceived by David Schalko and Fred Schreiber. In 2002, an essayistic, zeitgeisty prose text, delivered in a highly unconventional manner, illustrated with hundreds of archive images, for the first time immersed the viewer for 25 minutes in a whirlpool of images, thoughts and associations. One almost has the feeling that the program at that time already anticipated today’s usual reception of media content in its minutiae, as we have all long since become accustomed to it from social media sites on the Internet.

10 years after its first broadcast and 5 years after its last broadcast, the program without a name is returning to the ORF program as part of “DIE.NACHT”. From the old makers, in a timeless format, but of course with new content. A program that offers what many fans of cultural television have long since lost to entertainment: Attitude.