TV-series/Reihe, 4 x 100 or 8 x 56 minutes.

A series of brutal murders leaves a trail of blood across Europe. In Antwerp, Berlin and Copenhagen, three prostitutes are killed with a shot through the left eye, after which a finger is cut off – everything points to a serial killer.

A joint investigation team, Joint Investigation Team Venus, is formed, consisting of specialists from all the criminal investigation fields of the countries concerned, able to operate across borders, using the most modern investigation methods, as well as the latest technology available.

As the noose tightens around the suspected killer, the investigators discover the full extent of the brutality behind the murders, which is far more complex than initially suspected. Although the members of the TEAM have already experienced a lot in their profession, even they are shaken to the core as they look into the opening abysses – but just here they also find the truth, with which they can bring down those responsible.

The TEAM is a European police series in the style of a fast-paced road movie and provides deep insights into large areas of organized crime, as well as completely new procedures and methods of police cooperation. The investigations take you all over Europe, from Berlin to Antwerp, Copenhagen to Vilnius, and The Hague to Salzburg.

Authors: Mai Brostrøm, Peter Thorsboe
Director: Kathrine Windfeld
Producer: Peter Nadermann
Executive Producer: Wolfgang Cimera, Sigrid Strohmann, Andreas Wecker – Network Movie, Deutschland.

Jan de Clerq, Annemie Degryse – Lunanime, Lumière, Belgien.

Thomas Heinesen, Lena Haugaard – Nordisk Film, Dänemark.

John Lueftner, David Schalko – Superfilm, Österreich.

Eine europäische Koproduktion D/DK/BE/Ö mit Beteiligungen von ORF, RTR und Land Salzburg.

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