The last Problem

A snowed-in ski hotel in the Austrian Alps. The semester break is over, but the guests are stuck in the hotel due to the weather and can’t make the trip home.The guests crammed into the hotel – even skiing is impossible due to the snow situation – also have to cut back on culinary delights, as by now supplies are already running low and only stew is on the menu. Internet and telephone? Unusual….

When a hotel guest traveling alone lies dead in his bed one morning, everyone is baffled, including Horak, who turns out to be a detective superintendent and is staying at the hotel with his obtuse assistant. The corpse lies with its throat cut in a room locked from the inside. Supposedly the perfect crime, no traces, no circumstantial evidence. Horak takes up the investigation – the murderer can’t be far away.

However, his investigation is abruptly taken out of his hands by Constable Landner from the local police station, who arrives at the hotel in response to a call for help from a hotel guest. When there is his second corpse – a long-time regular guest of the house, the situation comes to a head …

An alpine country thriller with a subtle suspense curve that moves somewhere between “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Shining” and “Fargo”.

With Karl Markovics, Stefan Pohl, Maria Fliri, Max Moor, Sunnyi Melles, Michael Thomas and many others.

Written by Daniel Kehlmann

Director: Karl Markovics

Producers: John Lueftner & David Schalko

The Final Problem is a production of ORF and ARTE, produced by Superfilm.