Tatort: "Unten"

TV – Movie, Crime Scene Series, 90 minutes.

A dead homeless man is found in an abandoned industrial area. Indy and Tina discovered the body and called the police. The eccentric young couple live on the streets themselves and knew the dead man very well. At first it looks to Bibi Fellner and Moritz Eisner like a crime in the homeless milieu.

Gregor has only recently named Tina as the beneficiary of his old life insurance policy. Did she want to collect the money? Or did Tina and Gregor have an affair and Indy got rid of the adversary out of jealousy? The clues lead Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner to the “Lebensraum” home, where Gregor Aigner was registered for a long time. The commissioners also learn of a heated argument between Gregor and Micha Schmidt, a German homeless man. And they get to know Sackerl-Grete, a severely confused old woman who has observed a number of things, but to whom, tragically, no one really listens. The home’s director, Franz Zanger, had also known Gregor Aigner for a long time and suspects a drug story behind the crime, as does the home’s medical director. From Aigner’s ex-wife, Moritz and Bibi finally learn the sad story of why the former journalist successively lost his job, his wife and finally his entire existence.

Slowly, the clues thicken that Gregor Aigner, who still saw himself as an investigative journalist despite his precarious situation, was apparently on the trail of something big. In any case, the supposed zero-eight-fifteen case in the homeless milieu turns out to be bigger than thought after another murder and reaches beyond the borders of Austria.

With Harald Krassnitzer, Adele Neuhauser, Maya Unger, Michael Steinocher, Hubert Kramar, Thomas Stipsits and many more.

First broadcast in winter 2020

Script: Thomas C. Eichtinger & Samuel R. Schultschik

Director: Daniel Prochaska

Editing: Klaus Lintschinger

Producers: John Lueftner & David Schalko

An ORF production, produced by SUPERFILM.