Hannes Ringlstetter about the show:

“A show in the evening. Around 10 p.m. on Thursday. Yes. Every. And no, we couldn’t think of a better title. 

Is a program for those who want to be entertained after ten. 

It’s the last thing you’ll watch before going to bed.

And the first thing you’ll quote in the morning at the office.

Guests? Yes, there will be guests. Do you know them? One yes, the other maybe, but interesting people they will be.
 Of course, it may be that we get on your nerves.
 For example, if you don’t like Hannes Ringlstetter.
 Then at least you’ll have Caro Matzko. But actually we don’t want to annoy you, but the important people among us. Oh yes, there’s music too. But please don’t switch off.
 It’s always short anyway.”

Starting in December, presenter, cabaret artist, musician and actor Hannes Ringlstetter will receive guests of all kinds, from entertainment and everyday life, every week on Thursdays at 22:00 on Bayerische Fernsehen. Known and unknown. He will be assisted by moderator Caro Matzko as a sidekick and behind the bar with hand-mixed drinks; the two will engage in verbal karate at its finest. The music of the broadcast comes from the band “Ringlstetter”.

“Authentic, funny and weird by BR standards” – with these three adjectives Hannes Ringlstetter himself describes the aim of his new show. “A personality show with your own name on it is of course a risk if you mess up. But it’s a very great honor, and I’m happy that after many years of being involved with BR, it’s now coming to this.”

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Ringlstetter is produced by SUPERFILM, Munich.