TV – Documentary, 60 minutes

Meter by Meter follows one of the most successful theater and opera directors in the German-speaking world through an eventful autumn. From friendly meetings to final rehearsal stress to quarrels and unconditional trust. Martin Kušej is the constant point of reference. Without commentary from outside or explanation of his status, the film not only shows his work, but also provides deep insights into his working world, in which psychological sensitivity is just as important as artistic vision.

Martin Kušej, his work and his impact.

Many thanks to:
Maren Eggert, Sophie von Kessel, Nadia Krasteva, Birgit Minichmayr, Kristine Opolais, Günther Groissböck, Norman Hacker, Ulrich Matthes, Nicholas Ofczarek, Klaus Florian Vogt, Werner Wölbern, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Bayerische Staatsoper Munich, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Burgtheater Vienna.


Director: Florian Kehrer
Producer: John Lueftner

SUPERFILM production, commissioned by the Austrian and Bavarian Broadcasting Companies (ORF and BR).