“Karlsplatz” is the new meeting place for talk and tumult on BR television. Cabaret whiz kid Eva Karl Faltermeier and her celebrity guests dissect the really important questions in life.

Eva Karl Faltermeier puts together a package of (in)practical life advice, talk and comedy, brings out the secret talents of her guests and takes care not to take everything too seriously.

The music comes from musician and actress Maria Hafner, Manuel da Coll (La BrassBanda) and Florian Burgmayr, who formed the band RANDSTEIN especially for the show.

Thursday, January 26: Crafts – with Teresa Reichl, Sepp Schellhorn and Maxi Schafroth.
Thursday, February 2: Family Festivities – with Susi Raith, Simon Pearce, Angelo Kelly
Thursday, February 9: Bad idea – with Helmut A. Binser, Luise Kinseher and Michael Ostrowski


“Karlsplatz” is a production of SUPERFILM Filmproduktions GmbH on behalf of Bayerischer Rundfunk.