Good Night Alter

Gute Nacht Alter is a late-night show cosmos on Youtube and Instagram with Ariane Alter. Gute Nacht Alter is quirky, pointed and self-confident, open-mindedly feminist and reflective.

Gute Nacht Alter can laugh at itself – if you dish it out, you have to be able to take it. The show finds the everyday madness on the net. Social trends and YouTube world, pop cultural phenomena and socio-political events – all this and more is seen through the “Ari glasses”. Good Night Alter is fun, but shows the world unfiltered, with humor and radical openness.

Ari’s world is online – but her inspiration comes from everywhere. Gute Nacht Alter plays with the pace of social media, goes with the tempo, but also lets the air out when it goes round in circles.

Why don’t rappers dare say vagina? And what are the money-making tricks of mindset coaches on the Internet? Questions that no one has asked yet, but to which you still want an answer.

Every week, Ari also welcomes exciting guests to the Milla Club in Munich: Whether actors, musicians, athletes, presenters, authors or podcasters – the guests are an integral part of the Internet and discussion culture and are also active there. They represent exciting projects or inspiring ways of thinking.

Musically, Gute Nacht Alter wants to be a platform for up-and-coming artists from Germany. Thereby the genre is secondary. From German rap to indie, pop or even Italo-Schlager, everything is there.


New episodes are available every week Tuesday & Thursday at 6pm on the Gute Nacht Alter Youtube channel. 

Gute Nacht Alter is produced by SUPERFILM, Munich.