TV – documentary, 45 minutes

It was only a few weeks ago. Austria achieved the unbelievable and became European soccer champions in their own country. A 45-minute documentary looks back at the Austrian version of the summer fairy tale.
How was it possible for our team to excel so much? Was it due to the home advantage and the hysteria among Austrian soccer fans about the team’s sporting achievements, which grew from game to game? Or was it the new training methods that put the team in the best possible physical and mental condition? Or was it the outstanding performance of individual players? How much did the controversial referee decisions contribute to the success? Or was it simply incredible luck?

The answer – as always in soccer – is always the same: Success has several fathers, and a few uncles to boot.

Once again, we see all the important pictures and the decisive goals. And we share once again the incredible emotions that moved Austria during this unforgettable major event.


Written by Fred Schreiber
Director: David Schalko

Producer: John Lueftner
Editing: Heidi List
Editing ORF: Evelyn Itkin & Ernst Petz

SUPERFILM production.

Broadcasted Mai 2008.

(By the way, that was before the Euro 2008)