A naked man, kneeling in a shopping cart, with bullet holes in his knee and temple, is found in a parking lot. It turns out to be a Bulgarian who was involved in a jewelry store burglary. Gang warfare? Bulgarian mafia?

After contacting Bulgarian authorities, a special investigator, Donka Galabova, arrives in Vienna. A very similar burglary happens at a car dealership. Always these crimes follow the same pattern. It seems that the perpetrators come to Vienna only for the night of the crime and disappear afterwards. Who is the Austrian middleman, who chooses the places to be burglarized, who distributes the goods afterwards? During their investigations, Inspector Eisner and his assistant Bibi keep coming across a lawyer who represents the victims, but also a fence who seems to be involved in the case.

When a second dead body, also naked, is found in a shopping cart, it is clear that a Bulgarian killer is cleaning up the city.
Can the Austrian special investigator team solve the case together with their Bulgarian colleague?

With Harald Krassnitzer, Adele Neuhauser, Dessi Urumova, Bernhard Schir, Tanja Raunig, Simon Schwarz uva.

Nominated for the Grimme Awards 2012.

Screenplay: Uli Breé
Director: Harald Sicheritz
Editing: Alexander Vedernjak
Producer: John Lueftner & David Schalko

An ORF production, produced by  SUPERFILM.