The Persumption Of Innocence

Anticipation in Festival Salzburg: The new production of “Don Giovanni” is in final rehearsals, the arrival of the famous conductor Marius Atterson is imminent. Unfortunately, the no less famous opera director David Roth feels so provoked during a rehearsal that he shoots himself offside with his unruliness.

The festival president remains cool and persuades Beate Zierau – a director rightly considered to be particularly difficult – to join the production. A piquant choice, since Atterson and Zierau were once married. The festival director fears, also justifiably, quarrels. The press, on the other hand, is delighted with the coup. Especially journalist Franziska Fink – she has set her sights on exposing Atterson, the charming seducer of women, as a “MeToo” perpetrator. Zierau, with her unpaid bills, comes just in time. Or Atterson’s agent Ada Lubovsky, whom he is currently ensnaring.

Not to mention the maestro’s current master student Karina Samus, who runs rehearsals for him and shares a Parisian past with him. Franziska teams up with friends Ada and Karina to expose the conductor. A dark cloud is gathering over Marius Atterson even before the premiere …

With Ulrich Tukur, Catrin Striebeck, Laura De Boer, Marie-Christine Friedrich, Daniela Golpashin, Christine Ostermayer u.v.m.

Written and directed by Michael Sturminger

Camera: Wolfgang Thaler

Producers: John Lueftner & David Schalko

The Presumption of Innocence is a production of ORF and SWR, produced by Superfilm.