Fiction meets talk in the “Rocko Schamoni Supershow” on ARD Kultur

The “Rocko Schamoni Supershow” is an innovative and entertaining crossover format. Over the course of four episodes, ARD Kultur accompanies Rocko Schamoni on a staged tour to which prominent guests such as Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Joy Denalane, Linda Zervakis and Charly Hübner are invited. Conversations about art and life ensue. All episodes can be viewed in the ARD media library and on from 15 March.





“Rocko Schamoni – the King is back on the country’s big stages! He is joined by great guests and conjures up unique evenings in front of an enthusiastic audience!” This is roughly what manager Gereon Klug would like to read in the press about his protégé Rocko Schamoni.




The truth, however, is far more dramatic: the entertainer, author, director and musician Rocko Schamoni is at the end of his tether. His tour is selling less and less, and Schamoni’s exhausting years as a “cult Rocko” are clearly noticeable. His manager Gereon Klug therefore resorts to the last resort: contacts. Celebrities from Rocko’s address book are to help fill the halls again. Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Joy Denalane, Linda Zervakis and Charly Hübner decide at short notice to enhance the “Rocko Schamoni Supershow” for one evening. Four episodes tell the story of how Rocko Schamoni spends the day with them before the actual show. Each episode takes place in a different city (Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Neustrelitz) and at special locations.



The tour of the “Rocko Schamoni Supershow” is staged. The fictional plot between Rocko Schamoni and his manager Gereon Klug forms the framework for the conversations with the guest stars. The script exaggerates real life on tour and was written by Rocko Schamoni, Gereon Klug, Michael Köppel and Matthias Grübel, who also directed the film.



The episodes at a glance



Episode 1: With Klaas Heufer-Umlauf in Berlin

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf uses his social media power to boost Rocko’s ticket sales. They meet in Berlin and talk about good music, comedy and responsibility. The band Deichkind receives an insane offer from Gereon Klug.



Episode 2: With Joy Denalane in Stuttgart

Under the pretence of collecting money for a panda hospice, Gereon wins Joy Denalane for Rocko’s tour. They meet for the first time in Stuttgart and get to know each other in conversation. In the meantime, Jan Delay has to deal with manager Gereon Klug.



Episode 3: With Linda Zervakis in Hamburg

In Hamburg-Harburg, Rocko shows Linda Zervakis the art of pottery and enters the staff room of her old school with her. The two talk about freedom, school days and family. Gereon, driven by money, tries to foist Linda’s pottery on Horst Lichter (“Bares für Rares”).



Episode 4: With Charly Hübner in Neustrelitz

The two friends Rocko and Charly meet in his home town of Neustrelitz, where his career began. Rocko persuades him to go on stage with him in the evening. Until then, Charly tells him too much about his love of theatre and metal in the GDR over a beer. Then Caren Miosga breaks into the scene and we get to know Gereon’s softer side.



The “Rocko Schamoni Supershow” is a Superfilm production for ARD Kultur. On the ARD Kultur side, Kristian Costa-Zahn (Head of Content) and Yasmin Vorndran-Ahmadiar

(Editorial Office) are responsible. All four episodes can be seen from 15 March in the ARD Mediathek and on