Country crime series

Major Vilser (Tobias Moretti) has problems: first he is assigned a young Vorarlberg policeman (Stefan Pohl) as a “Beiwagerl”, then his twelve-year-old son Florian (Sandro Eder) is also at the door, who finally wants to spend a lot of time with his father. With the Vorarlberg native as his passenger and Florian in the back seat, Vilser makes his rounds through the Viennese underworld, to which he is close in a different way than would be appropriate for someone in his position. But that hasn’t hurt him so far, since as a member of the inner circle around police chief Elsbacher (Wolf Bachofner) he is virtually invulnerable – until, however, Lieutenant Colonel Gerlinde Zach (Barbara Gassner) of the anti-corruption agency is hot on the trail of the two of them in order to undermine the corrupt male network.

With Tobias Moretti, Stefan Pohl, Sandro Eder, Wolf Bachofner, Barbara Gassner and many more.

Written by Rupert Henning

Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Producers: John Lueftner & David Schalko

Rollercoaster is a production of SUPERFILM on behalf of ORF.