Vienna. Summer 1982. 35-year-old Jacky Nemec has finally served his four-year prison sentence for a bank robbery. He is joyfully welcomed by his best buddy Schneckerl, who immediately wants to reintroduce him to life in freedom. But before that, an old score has to be settled, which ends badly. Escape is the order of the day, and it’s a good thing that one of his former cronies has since proven himself on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, where he works for the big boys.

Hookers everywhere, corrupt cops, war between the pimp gangs GMBH and Nutella – the newcomers first have to get used to the new climate in the neighborhood. But the assimilation goes quickly and the good reputation of the two Austrians is quickly established. The two work their way up the ladder and quickly make a lot of money. However, this also brings powerful enemies and soon the two Viennese find themselves in a whirlpool of drugs, ambushes, and power struggles, in which there can only be one winner.

Screenplay: Mike Majzen

Producers: John Lueftner und David Schalko

In Development.