Thriller-Fairy Tale, 113 minutes



A psychiatrist and his blind girlfriend, who are bound by a dark secret. A school nurse, who loses much more than only her work with her dismissal. Her brother, who will do anything for her. A desperate mother, who affectionately cares for her comatose son. And who is willing to try unheard of things to reach him again. A young man, who sells himself, because he lost his identity long ago. A student, whose supposedly harmless joke connects all their destinies. And a boy, who vanishes.


The lives of all these persons are irreversibly connected in this exceptional story that is driven by innocence, desire, magical thinking, and manipulation.


Zauberer is a thriller. Zauberer is a fairy tale. An enchantingly-beautiful voyeuristic voyage through many-faceted emotional and psychological landscapes.





Strarring Nicholas Ofczarek, Regina Fritsch, Florian Teichtmeister, Roland Koch, Joel Basman, and many more. 



Written by Clemens Setz, Sebastian Brauneis, Nicholas Ofczarek

Directed by Sebastian Brauneis

Producers: John Lueftner & David Schalko



A co-production of Superfilm and A Film Company (Switzerland).





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