TV – Documentary, 45 minutes

Just a few weeks ago, Austria achieved the unbelievable, becoming European Soccer Champion in a home game. A 45 minute documentary looks back on the Austrian version of 'A Summer's Fairytale.'
How did our team manage to exceed even the wildest expectations? Was it the home-field advantage and the hysteria among the Austrian soccer fans, increasing from game to game with each new success? Or was it the new training method that put the team in the optimal physical and mental state? Or was it the outstanding performance of the individual players? How much did the controversial referee decisions contribute to the triumph? Or were they just unbelievably lucky?
And, as always in soccer, the answer is the same: Success has many fathers, and a few uncles to boot.
Taking a fresh look at all the important moments and decisive goals, the film lets us share once more in the incredible emotions that moved Austria during this unforgettable event.


Writer: Fred Schreiber
Director: David Schalko

Producer: John Lueftner
Editing: Heidi List
Editing ORF: Evelyn Itkin & Ernst Petz


A Superfilm production. Broadcast in May 2008.
(This was before the Euro 2008, incidentally...).





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