TV Event, 2 x 90 Minutes
Aufschneider, based on an idea by Josef Hader and written by him and David Schalko, tells of the life and work of Dr. Fuhrmann, the chief pathologist of a municipal hospital. We get to watch the traditional hospital stories from a different and unusual perspective, from the worm's-eye view of the department of pathology, whose smell will still cling to you long after closing time.
Fuhrmann can never see eye to eye with THEM, the golfing god's in white (or green) above him. But then he hardly ever gets along with anybody. His very unorthodox relationship with death, his admiration of cancer whose beauty reminds him of psychedelic paintings from the 1960s do not exactly make him popular among his colleagues either.



Starring Josef Hader, Oliver Baier, Ursula Strauss, Pia Hierzegger, Tanja Raunig, Manuel Rubey, Georg Friedrich, Raimund Wallisch, Meret Becker, Simon Schwarz, Murali Perumal, Josef Kukla and many more.


Written by Josef Hader & David Schalko
Directed by David Schalko
Produced by John Lueftner

Available on DVD.








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