Thriller, 110 minutes

1975, Swiss Alps: In a remote mountain village, an immensely beautiful but disturbed and dumb woman shows up. Only the village policeman Reusch takes care of the strange woman and tries to find out who she is. There are hints that she came from the Höhenalp Alp, where herdsmen do unthinkable things to get the company of women. Many dark truths are revealed that should better have remained hidden...
A tragedy of lust, insanity and murder is brought to a seemingly pure and perfect world. It is the beginning of a nightmare of religious insanity, hypocrisy, abuse and belief in demons, which destroys a young family and brings a whole village to destruction.




Starring Nicholas Ofczarek, Roxane Mesquida, Carlos Leal, Andrea Zogg, Joel Basman, Hans-Peter Müller-Drossart and many more.


Screenplay: Michael Sauter
Director: Michael Steiner
Producer: Bernhard Burgener, John Lueftner



A co-production of Kontra AG, Switzerland and Superfilm, Austria. Produced in cooperation with ORF and funded by the Austrian Film Institute and CineTirol.


Available on Blu-ray and DVD.






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