TV-series, 8 x 60 minutes


Seven people are murdered during a brutal shootout in Denmark's marshland. The only survivor of the massacre is a young Syrian woman (Sarah Perles), who escapes into the vast marshland area. The attacker slips away undetected. The victims of the massacre also include some illegal migrants A xenophobic motive cannot be ruled out.

The Danish inspector Nelly Winther (Marie Bach Hansen) as well as the Hamburg investigator Gregor Weiss (Jürgen Vogel) and the Belgian secret service officer Paula Liekens (Lynn Van Royen) are all prompted to spring into action following these murders. The Joint Investigation Team's findings suggest a terrorist motive. But, without the missing witness, the circumstances remain impenetrable. Searching for her across Europe brings the investigators on to another trail which leads deep into the history of Syria and its art treasures.



The TEAM is a European police series in the manner of a swift road-movie and gives insight into a vast range of organized crime as well as totally new ways of police procedures and co-operation. The investigations take place across Europe, from Berlin to Antwerp, Copenhagen to Vilnius, and The Hague to Salzburg.






Writers: Mai Brostrøm, Peter Thorsboe

Director: Kasper Gaardsøe, Jannik Johansen

Producer: Andi Wecker

Executive Producers:

Wolfgang Cimera, Peter Nadermann – Network Movie, Germany.

Jan de Clerq – Lunanime, Lumière, Belgium.

Thomas Heinese – Nordisk Film, Denmark.

John Lueftner – Superfilm, Austria.


A European co-production (DE/DK/BE/AT) with contributions of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and RTR, supported by Cinestyria.



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