Major Vilser (Tobias Moretti) is in trouble: he’s assigned a young police officer from Vorarlberg, Matthias Tschofen (Stefan Pohl), as his partner and unexpectedly, his twelve-year-old son Florian (Sandro Eder) appears and demands his fathers attention. Father, son and Tschofen take their turns in the Viennese netherworld which Vilser is closely connected with - closer than a police officer is supposed to. As a member of the close circle around Superintendent Elsbacher (Wolf Bachofner) he was quite safe so far – however Lieutenant Colonel Gerlinde Zach (Barbara Gassner) of the anti corruption authority is close on their heels to excavate the corrupt network.    



Starring Tobias Moretti, Stefan Pohl, Sandro Eder, Wolf Bachofner, Barbara Gassner and others.


Written by Rupert Henning

Directed by Wolfgang Murnberger

Produced by John Lueftner & David Schalko


A production of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, produced by Superfilm.



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