29.10.2016 | Ringlstetter - Start of the new Show!

From 11/01 on every Thursday at 22:30 on BR!

Hannes Ringlstetter TV host, cabaret artist, musician and actor welcomes all kind of entertaining guests . Celebs as well as people you still have to get to know. Every Thursday at 22:30 on BR Bayerischer Rundfunk. Sidekick and barmaid is TV host Caro Matzko, his sparring partner in fulminant crosstalks. Also on stage: “Ringlstetter” band. “Genuine, funny and queer – as to BR” – Ringlstetter describes the focus of the show. “A show named of oneself bears a great risk in case of failure. The show is a thrilling challenge and big honour after years of collaboration with BR.”