10.03.2017 | "Höhenstrasse" receives the German Television Crime Award at this year's Wiesbaden Crime Festival.

David Schalkos Höhenstrasse receives the German Television Crime Award at this year’s Wiesbaden Crime Festival 2017.

The Jury explained its decision:

“Behind the unspectacular title ‘Höhenstraße’ lies an unexpected masterpiece of cinematic art. The perfect blend of suspense, tragedy, humor, abysmalness and outstanding talent in all departments. Whether it’s the production design, the camera, the music or the costume, the grandeur in the performance – everything together creates a cosmos that you can’t escape, that is addictive. Welcome to the gruesomely funny, abysmally funny world of David Schalko!”

More Info at: https://bit.ly/2SiAbOO