07.02.2017 | Shooting start of „Zauberer“


…. a boy vanishes and reappears…..

On February 2, the shooting for the picture „Zauberer“, directed by Sebastian Brauneis, begins.

A psychiatrist and his blind girl friend, linked by a dark secret. A school nurse who looses much more than her job by dismissal. Her brother who is completely devoted to her. A desperate mother who lovingly cares for her comatose son. Who is willing to do shocking things to reach him again. A young man who sells himself because he lost his identity long ago. A student whose supposedly harmless joke connects all their destinies. A boy who vanishes.

The lives of all these persons are irreversibly connected in this exceptional story that is driven by innocence, desire, magical thinking and manipulation.

Zauberer is a thriller. Zauberer is a fairy tale. An enchantingly-beautiful voyeuristic voyage through many-faceted emotional and psychological landscapes.

Written by Clemens Setz, Sebastian Brauneis, Nicholas Ofczarek

Directed by Sebastian Brauneis

Producers: John Lueftner, David Schalko

A co-production of Superfilm and A Film Company.