Ski Trip


It should have been a relaxed week without classes but things turn out quite differently: On the eve of their school ski trip 14-year-old Dani painfully learns that his secret crush Lisa has a boyfriend. However, his best friend Stephan can convince him to use the absence of Lisa’s boyfriend at the ski trip to risk a final attempt at confessing his love.


Their plan is only short-lived, though: As Lisa turns out to be an exceptional sports talent Stephan soon falls for her, too. A fierce rivalry erupts between the two friends, where everything is at stake for Dani: his first love, his best friend, and his sense of self-esteem.


Ski Trip is a modern European coming-of-age story that introduces us to the world of today’s 14-year-olds: an emotional rollercoaster ride, as timeless as that quintessential Austrian time in adolescence that it portrays – the school ski trip. Ski Trip is a cool snowboard movie for teens. Not too much for the younger ones. Pure nostalgia for the older ones.


Written and directed by Peter Brünner

Producers: John Lueftner and David Schalko   


In development.



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